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JB Septic Systems, Inc. proudly serves home owners and builders through septic system design, installation and maintenance.


Whether you are planning a new home or commercial construction, or are in need of an upgrade to an older system, your new On-Site Sewage Facility, referred to as OSSF, will need to be designed and permitted.  Once the size and location of the system is determined, then the permit application can be prepared and submitted to the county environmental office for approval.  This office will also conduct inspections on the OSSF during the installation process.  Upon completion of the installation, we will conduct a thorough orientation with the owner to explain all aspects of the OSSF, including the treatment process, care of the system, warranty and our service policy.


All Texas residents will receive a 2 year warranty and service policy with a new OSSF.  This service policy includes a routine servicing of the system once every 4 months.  We are also on call to respond to any questions, concerns, or if you need any assistance.

At the conclusion of the initial 2-year policy, we will offer a renewal service policy to continue to service and maintain your OSSF.  JB Septic Systems offers quality workmanship, unsurpassable customer service and competitive rates and incentives to our service policy holders, new and old.  Even if we did not install your Clearstream Aerobic Septic System, we would be happy to discuss our service policy options with you.


All OSSFs, conventional or aerobic, will require periodic pumping and cleaning.  Solid waste is broken down to the highest degree possible, but remains in the system until it is physically removed.   High levels of solids not only disrupt the treatment process, but put undue stress on the components of the system.  In order to prevent costly repair or system failure, it is recommended that OSSFs be pumped every 2-5 years.

Aerobic treatment systems that are being maintained by a licensed maintenance provider are continuously monitored for high levels of sludge and scum.  Your service provider will be able to tell you when your system is in need of cleaning.  Pumping aerobic systems is more complex than the pumping of conventional systems, so it’s important to hire experienced and qualified individuals to do so.  JB Septic Systems offers both knowledge and experience along with competitive pricing to our customers.  If you suspect your conventional or aerobic system is in need of pumping, or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


If you are considering the purchase of a property with an existing OSSF, you will need to have it inspected.  Because many existing systems were designed and installed before OSSFs were regulated, the care and maintenance the system has received may or may not have been adequate.  Therefore, it is important to know the condition and workability of the OSSF.  Often times during a traditional real estate inspection, the OSSF is given little consideration, with inspections consisting of only a flush and/or addition of water and maybe dye.  These tests do not accurately determine the workability of the system.  Hiring an experienced OSSF Designer/Installer that is also NAWT certified, such as those at JB Septic Systems, to perform a very thorough and accurate inspection is the safest choice to make when considering the purchase of property that utilizes an OSSF.



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