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Septic System Installation

JB Septic Systems will provide as much information as possible to help you properly care for your on-site sewage facility.  Some important information to read and understand is in our OSSF Orientation sheets. Click to download a copy. (PDF)

Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers:

What does my service contract include?
If you have an OSSF Maintenance Contract with JB Septic Systems, we will service your system 3 times per year (every 4 months) and report the findings to you and the county.  We are also on call to respond to any problems (alarms).

What if my septic system alarms?
The OSSF has an alarm (visual and audio) which alerts the owner of a high water or air supply problem.  The audio alarm can be silenced by pressing the small black button on the control housing.  The red light will stay on until the problem is fixed.

    • If the alarm is on and the sprinklers are spraying, this indicates that the system is in the override function.  The water level is high and the pump is overriding the timer in order to lower the water level.
    • The high water level can be caused by a water leak (commode running), excessive water use (guest, large number of loads of laundry, etc.) or water pump malfunction.
    • If the alarm is caused by the air supply sensor this indicates an air leak or an air compressor malfunction.

Alarm Procedure : If you have an alarm situation:

  1. Turn off the audio buzzer (Black button on side of housing box)
  2. Check to see if the sprinklers are spraying
  3. Listen to air compressor – is it running?
  4. Report alarm to JB Septic Systems

Will my septic system put off an odor?
The spray irrigation should be a clean odorless effluent.  This is the result of having a large healthy bacteria colony in the ATU. In order to maintain this, it is recommended that the home owner not use large quantities of bleach, bactericides, strong powder detergents, etc.  See Do’s and Don’ts section of the OSSF Orientation packet If you have an odor inside your house, run water through all the drains, including seldom used bathroom sinks, tubs and utility drains, to make sure there is water in the p-traps (gooseneck pipe under sink).  Also make sure your house vents are not obstructed.

How often should I have my septic system inspected?

Is it safe to drive or park over my septic tank?
No. Do not park or drive over any part of your septic system, as this may cause damage.

Is it safe to use septic tank additives?
No. We do not recommend it. Normally the existing bacteria in the OSSF are adequate.



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